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Criminal (Defense) Investigations

Objective & Unbiased Advocate of "The Truth".

Criminal defense investigators are a necessary and important aspect of the criminal trial process.

Our services are designed to help the criminal defense lawyer cut through the state’s veil of secrecy by shedding some light on the “real terms” of an alleged incident.

Our goal is to provide the responsible criminal defense attorney with a clear image of the entire alleged event.


Our task is to uncover all evidence and assess its credibility.  We do this by using the “Criminal Defense Investigation Cycle” to apply investigative theories, practices, and methods, including performing tasks such as:

Re-interviewing State Witnesses

Assessing Witness Character/Credibility

Interviewing Other Witnesses

Following New Leads

Requesting Copies of Electronic Evidence

Our licensed private detectives hold commissions as State of Wisconsin Notary Public and execute the powers and duties of this public office as a complimentary service for our clients and for the benefit of the general public.

We operate on a first come first serve basis to avoid exhausting our available manpower resources.

If you are a criminal defense law firm or lawyer please contact us to learn how we can use intelligence-led-investigations to support your legal practice.  

We accept Public Defender and court appointed cases. We ask our attorney clients to obtain pre-authorization(with copy of that authorization) from the State Public Defender's Office before we proceed.


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